Blue Mountain Women's Enterprise is made up of Nottingham women with an African-Caribbean and African background.

Of course, we get our name from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica but there is another reason. We started as a women's health group and one of the health issues we focused on was the Menopause. We thought of the Menopause like this ... on some days it's like climbing a mountain and on other days it makes you feel so blue.

Have a look at the pages on our website.   If it interests you, please get in touch and get involved.

The Blue Mountain Women’s Group is a women's community base group which organises awareness seminars on the Menopause and other women related issues. We provide information which will enable women to make informed decisions about their health and well being.

We aim to:-

  • Ensure the information is available to all women but particularly women of African and Caribbean descent who have difficulty assessing information.
  • Ensure the information provided is in a confidential, supportive and non judgemental manner.
  • Build creative partnership with organisation that work with women from local communities.
  • Support self-help and sharing of experiences among women which affirm women’s own experiences
  • Promote women’s right to health information and choice.
  • Reflect the experiences of women from a range of diverse cultures and background.

We do this through

  • Health information, leaflets, books, literature, audio visual aids, seminars, workshops etc.
  • Carrying out original research, into the provision of the availability of up to date services and information on health topics.
  • Focus on activities which meet the needs of disadvantaged groups working in partnership with other voluntary organisations statutory agencies and organisations.
  • Support and development of self-help networks
  • Participate in consultative health forums and panels run by statutory and non statutory bodies to promote consumer/patient needs

The Blue Mountains - Jamaica